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Frequently Asked Questions

Why join?

Child care providers sometimes question "Does it make sense for me to join the Family Child Care Food Program (FCCFP)?"

The answer is YES! Consider how your decision to join will affect the


  • Relieves parents of the responsibility for providing meals for their children in child care.
  • Reassures parents that their children will receive carefully planned, nutritious meals.
  • Parents don't have to pack lunches for their child.


  • The children are being served nutritious meals and snacks which promote health and wellbeing.
  • They get the opportunity to learn about new and nutritious foods that perhaps they are not served at home.
  • The children in your care will learn and feel positive about eating healthy.
  • The children benefit because they are being served nutritious meals and snacks which promote health and wellbeing.
  • They will also benefit from having consistent meal times.

and yourself, the provider.

  • The reimbursement from the food program enables you to purchase high-quality, nutritious food.
  • In addition, you will have access to nutrition information, training and support that will not only benefit your child care families, but your own family as well.
  • Many participating providers use the FCCFP as a way to advertise to potential families that their child care provider is concerned with the nutritional needs of the child.

What will the sponsor do?

Your sponsor, Family Child Care Food Program (FCCFP), is responsible for approving you to join the program.

They will then give you free training about healthy new menu ideas and ways to feed the children in your care.

The sponsor will train you about the meal pattern requirements and keeping accurate attendance of the children in your home.

They may also help with other childcare topics.

The sponsor will visit your child care home and ensure that it is safe for children.

They will assist you with any necessary paperwork and respond to any questions or concerns that you may have about the program.

What are the meal requirements?

These are the basic meal pattern requirements that must be met in order to qualify for reimbursement for a meal.

Breakfast: Milk, Fruit/Vegetable, Grain/Bread

Sample Breakfast

Milk Low fat milk
Grain/Bread Wheat toast
Fruit/Vegetable Sliced fresh canteloupe

Lunch/Dinner: Milk, Grain/Bread, Meat/Meat Alternate, 2 Fruit/Vegetables


Milk Low fat milk
Grain/Bread Quesadillas wrap
Meat/Meat Alternate Cheese ( a meat alternate)
Fruit/Vegetables Black beans
Fruit/Vegetables Fresh mango

Snacks: Two of the four food components - Milk, Fruit/Vegetable, Meat/Meat Alternate, Grain/Bread

Sample Snack 1 (only two items required)

Milk -
Grain/Bread -
Meat/Meat Alternate peanut butter
Fruit/Vegetables banana

Sample Snack 2 (only two items required)

Milk -
Grain/Bread Granola (mixed in the Yogurt)
Meat/Meat Alternate Vanilla yogurt
Fruit/Vegetables -

What are the requirements for the provider of child care?

The provider is required to:

  • Plan, prepare and serve meals and snacks that meet federal meal requirements for nutrition and food safety;
  • Keep written attendance, menu, meal count
  • Keep menus up to date
  • Contact Family Child Care Food Program(FCCFP) when not claiming meals or snacks
  • Keep consistent mealtimes
  • Allow representatives from the FCCFP to conduct home reviews
  • Attend required trainings each year

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